I love the smell of Axe in the morning

Dima likes Axe brand deodorant. I don’t know what the scent is named, but it’s a translucent electric blue stick, and it mostly reminds me of a heavy smoker’s car that’s been draped with ten bubblegum-scented air fresheners to mask the cigarette smell…and failing. Previous name suggestions have been Kerosene Rafflesia, Corpse-Soaked Motor Oil, and Blivet. Dima usually bears the teasing with good grace, with a smile and a shrug.

This morning, however, he unveiled a new stick of Axe somethingorother, and I said, “It’s funny how no one has caught the misspelling yet; you’d figure someone would have told them it’s spelled with two S’s, not an X and an E.”

Dima turned on me and said, “Make sure you spell it right when you post about it on Facebook, where the old people all hang out.”

I was stunned. Morning Dima is prickly and not to be trifled with. And let the record note that I have not posted this on Facebook.



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