driving lessons, second friday in may

Katya and I went driving today. She’s getting better, but not ready for prime time. First adrenaline rush was when we came to a dead end (a true cul-de-sac, no bulbous turnaround space at the tip) and she had to do a T-turn. She stopped, turned the wheel left, came to the edge of the street, and hit the gas. Yes, the gas. I shouted STOP STOP STOP, and we ended up about 10 feet into someone’s lawn. The residents happened to be sitting on the lawn at the time (well away from the road, thank god), and watched us with some concern as we recovered. One apology and two adrenaline cooldowns later, we forged on.

Later I asked what had happened– “I hit the wrong pedal.” Well, yeah.

That’s the second wrong-pedal-with-recovery incident we’ve had–we won’t get many more of those without rough endings. So I scolded and asked and reminded her about hitting the correct pedal for the rest of the ride. End result is that now she’s not speaking to me.

Which is fine. If that’s what will get her to stay focused on which pedal she needs to hit, all the time, then that’s what we’ll do.


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