Elvis Edison

Katya took her English progress test today. As an ENL (English as a New Language) student, she gets some assistance from the school, and every year they give an assessment test. We were talking about the reading comprehension portion.

Katya: the last part was hard. It was about Nicola Tesla and electricity…and some other guy…
Pen: Edison?
Katya: Yes! Elvis Edison. Elvis something Edison.
Pen: (laughing) Thomas Alva Edison?
Katya: No. Elvis something.
Liza: (laughing) Pen, there’s no way you’re going to win this.
Pen: Kat, if you look it up on google, you’ll see it’s Thomas Alva Edison. He was the other guy experimenting with electricity around the same time Tesla was. They were rivals, actually.
Katya: No! it wasn’t him. This other guy invented a better toilet for the trains. And…other stuff too. He was Louis something. Louis and…Louis Cook.
Liza: (now howling) Lewis and Clark?
Katya: NO! I know who Lewis and Clark were! This was about Louis Cook!
Pen: Not one minute ago, you were saying it was Elvis Edison. Which, to be honest, is an absolute kick-ass band name.
Katya: I can’t wait til I’m eighteen and I can move out and get a dog.


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