what is this “done” word you speak of? I know it not.

I made the mistake of rereading my story, Driving Lessons, after having left it alone for several months. Yeah. Smart. I found a few things that scream “what the hell were you thinking, first when you wrote this, and then later, when you edited it and said, Oh yeah, that’s good?

  • Lesson from Shakespeare, number seven hundred forty-one: don’t work around broken keys; if your laptop’s keyboard requires special cajoling, repetition, or unnecessary force to recognize certain letters, zounds, but a recycling heap’s the home for it.
  • Lesson from Shakespeare, number seven hundred forty-two: if you’re going to make up new words, they better be good. I mean, look at dwindle, hobnob, swagger, lackluster, and even bump, for crying out loud. Go ahead and be a bard, but be a real bard, not a brobdingnagian one.

Anyway, revising. A nice problem to have, or so I’m telling myself.


Name o' Penfold. Just Penfold. A full-time husband, dad, programmer, and nerd, trying to add "writer" to the list.

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