it’s the little things #317: find a pig

In the latest of the Pending Penfold Collection stories, a pig is involved. Catching a pig. It occurred to me that I do not know the correct way (TM) to catch a pig. But thank merciful god, nature, fate, and zuck, there is such a thing as youtube in the universe, and my god, it has more than one entry for “how to catch a pig.”

I landed on how to catch a pig, which was both informative and character-driven.

My favorite part of the video is “Step 1: Find a Pig.”

I like what this implies. Instead of presuming that you’re looking up this video with the goal of catching an already identified pig, “find a pig” implies that you’ve got an abstract, unrealized dream of someday catching a pig, and have no idea where or how to start. And it lets you know that your first, monumental step toward fulfilling that goal is to locate, finally, that damn pig. Which you will then proceed to catch.

But first, you must find.


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